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We are experienced criminal lawyers with a proven track record of success. We leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice for our clients.




We are trial lawyers. We are dedicated to your case and will do whatever we can for you. We leave no stone unturned.

Your trial is where the truth will come out. We have successfully defended our clients against many serious charges, including assault, firearm and drug charges, sexual assault, and murder. We begin developing a defence strategy from our first contact with you. There is no substitute for a thorough understanding of the law, meticulous preparation and detailed planning. We work tirelessly for our clients and we go to battle prepared.

Our promise: We will fight hard to secure justice for you.


We have conducted hundreds of bail hearings.  We have run hearings all types of charges, ranging from murder to assault to fraud to drugs and firearms charges. The bail hearing is one of the most important stages of the criminal law process.  Everyone charged with a crime is presumed innocent; however, some people will wait in jail for their trial – a wait that could last more than two years. Winning the bail hearing is not only important for your freedom while you await trial; it also sets the stage for the entire legal process.

We take great care in thoroughly preparing our clients’ bail hearings, providing advice, and preparing sureties (the people who bail out the client) to testify, including a thorough explanation of the types of questions prosecutors ask and strategies they employ.

We fight hard to secure your freedom.


If you have been convicted of a crime, or pleaded guilty to an offence but received a harsh sentence, you still have options.  You can appeal your conviction, your sentence, or both.

Erec Rolfe has successfully argued several important appeal cases at the Court of Appeal for Ontario, with the resulting decisions impacting the lives of thousands of people across the province. A successful appeal generally requires persuading the appeal court that the trial judge made a legal or factual error. We adopt the same approach to appeals as we do to trials, conducting a detailed examination of the evidence to identify such errors.

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Erec Rolfe is a Toronto criminal lawyer who defends clients facing charges throughout the GTA and beyond. He has over 10 years’ experience as a criminal lawyer, and consistently and successfully defends a multitude of serious offences. Erec has conducted complex and challenging trials and appeals on a wide variety of criminal charges at all levels of court in Ontario.


“We always felt well protected and represented by mr. Rolfe.”

Mr. Rolfe impressed me from the first moment he represented my son. He was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. The matter went all the way to a trial and it was scary, stressful time. Our family was so nervous. We always felt well protected, and represented by Mr. Rolfe (Erec). We did not feel that way with the first lawyer. His skills in the courtroom were something else. He’s a pro. Highly recommended.

Darren F, 2020.

“If you get him as your lawyer, count yourself lucky.”

Mr. Rolfe is an amazing lawyer. He comes to trial incredibly prepared and asks questions I would never think of. He destroyed three witnesses in my trial, it was unbelievable. He’s one of a kind, if you get him as your lawyer, count yourself lucky.

Devon G, 2020.

“If you want someone whos gonna fight your case until the end go with erec.”

if you want someone whos gonna fight your case until the end go with Erec plus the best client lawyer relations”

Jane, 2018.

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